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Who we Are

In 2023, Ubuntu-ae was founded with the idea of creating a group of likeminded individuals that enjoy spending time in the outdoors and off the beaten paths. A community that supports one-another, drives together, camps together, and learns from one another.

More than the regular off-road club of which there are plenty, we try to create events of different kinds which allows any one of us to practice our hobbies, skills, and to carry this forward, free of cost. Whether this is off-roading, photography, cooking, camping, or hiking, we aim to bring people together. 

For that specific reason we called ourselves Ubuntu-ae, which combines the word Ubuntu (see more in About), and UAE, which is the country we are located in, and which is also a fantastic example of Uniting different Emirates under one flag to live together and work together peacefully to make this country one of the best places to live.

Our Blog will contain write-ups from some of our members who wanted to share their travels and experiences. 

How do i become a part of this community?

For Desktop functionality:

1. You can register on this website by clicking on the icon on the upper right-hand side. If you have existing off-roading experience in a club, you can specify the offroad level you are at during signing up, and you will be able to join drives here on that same level. 

2. Once you are registered you will be able to RSVP on our events. Head over to our forum where you will find the events and other information. Please introduce yourselves on the forum or on the Slack Chat channel.

For Mobile functionality:

1. You can install our Mobile App, which runs under "Spaces by Wix". See further below on this page.

2. We also have an active Chat Community on Slack mobile or desktop where you can ask questions or keep up to date with what's happening in our community! First you will need to install the Slack App from the IOS Store or Play Store (free). Once that is done you can click on the below link:


Join us on mobile!

Download the Spaces by Wix app and join “Ubuntu-ae ” to easily stay updated on the go.

Download app from the App Store
Download app from Google Play
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